Want a safe investment?
GP-IMMO are licensed by the TOP leaseback property builders in France
It is simple, secure and hassle-free!

  • You purchase the freehold of a lease back property
  • You lease it back to management company as your single tenant
  • You receive guaranteed and index-linked rental income
  • You enjoy personal usage of your property
  • You also benefit from up to 20% VAT rebate

5 good reasons to invest in a leaseback property in France thru GP-IMMO.

  • Solid reputation and expertise based on over 13 years of experience
  • Safe investment with guaranteed rental income(2)
  • Excellent finance is available with low interest rates(3)
  • Hassle-free management with no maintenance fees
  • Personal usage to enjoy great holidays

Upscale properties in strategic tourist locations in France
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